Bazi couple Carl & Doliare

Bazi couple Carl & Doliare

Carl (20 July 1942, male) and Doliare (19 January 1946, female) are a compatible couple.

Carl is a Jia yang wood born in the summer. This is a weak day master, it needs support from water. It is his most important element. The spouse element is the element the day master controls. Wood controls earth. Earth in the summer is strong, summer which is fire is the resource of earth. Fire creates earth in the production cycle. Wood is not able to control the day master making Carl not a marriage type.

Doliare is a Gui yin water born in the winter. Due to the excess of water it needs fire which in turn helps wood to exhaust the water. So wood is favorable for Doliare to dry and exhaust water in the production cycle. The spouse element is the element that controls the day master. This is earth. Earth controls water. However, earth in the winter is weak comparing to water in winter as winter is of water. The spouse element cannot control the day master, making Doliare not a marriage type.

Carl helps Doliare to dry and exhaust the water and Doliare is the most important element for Carl; a mutual and beneficial couple. Since both of them are not a marriage type, they do not live a typical traditional marriage, even though they are married now for 50 years. Most of the time they don’t see each other as she is extrovert and very busy with career, almost no time at home. While he is introvert and loves time home.┬áTime being spent together is valuable and with respect and they respect each others independence and freedom. Together with the compatible elements in the bazi, this makes the marriage works.



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