Bazi couple Hashaw & Diasi

Bazi couple Hashaw & Diasi

Hashaw (m, 1 April 1959) and Diasi (f, 1 July 1961) are not a compatible couple.

Hashaw is a Wu yang earth born in the spring. It is a weak day master. It needs fire for energy, earth for support, metal is good as it controls the wood so that the wood cannot control earth. Wood is not preferable as it can invade earth. Water also not good as it cannot be absorbed (controlled) by the earth. Hashaw’s spouse element is the element which his day master controls. Earth controls water. Water as spouse element in the spring, spring = wood, is weak. Water here is floating, weak, gentle and pleasant, it needs earth to control it. Since the day master is able to control the water, this makes Hashaw a marriage type.

Diasi is a Yi yin wood born in the summer. This leads to a weak day master as wood in the summer is too dry. It needs plenty of water, more fire is not good at all as it dries the wood even more. Wood is only good when it comes with water, otherwise too much wood in the heat of summer creates fire. Earth and metal a bit are good. A bit metal helps in supporting water. Diasi’s spouse element is the element which controls her day master, which is metal. Metal controls wood. Metal in the summer, summer = fire, is not so strong yet. Autumn month is metal, so metal is then the strongest. In summer wood is stronger than metal, as wood is able to produce fire. As the day master wood cannot be controlled by metal, this makes Diasi not a marriage type.

Diasi wood element controls earth, which is not favorable for Hashaw. As for Diasi, Hashaw earth day master can be good for Diasi when it comes in small amount. After two years, Hashaw broke the relationship. For Diasi that must have been a difficult period.




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