Bazi couple Kevin & Gracea

Bazi couple Kevin & Gracea

Kevin (15 August 1969, male) and Gracea (23 June 1991) forms a compatible couple.

Kevin is a Ren yang water born in the autumn. This is a strong day master. As autumn is of metal element and metal creates water in the production cycle. It needs metal, which is output for water, wood as wealth for water and some fire is good. The spouse element is the element which the day master controls, which is fire. Fire as spouse element in autumn is weak, making the water easily can control it. This makes Kevin a marriage type.

Gracea is a Jia yang wood, born in the summer. This is a weak day master. As wood is the resource for the fire (summer). It needs water, wood with water, earth a bit and metal a bit. The spouse element is the element that controls the day master, which is metal. Metal in the summer is not so strong yet, if it was season autumn then it is strong. As wood is weak and metal in the summer is kind of dead, the spouse element is not strong enough to control the day master. This makes Gracea not a marriage type.

Kevin is the most important element for Gracea and in turn Gracea is very good for Kevin. So basically they are very compatible and supportive. Although not both of them are a marriage type, their elements can help a lot in a marriage.



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