Bazi couple Matti & Sarahai

Bazi couple Matti & Sarahai

Matti (m, 21 March 1962) and Sarahai (f, 25 March 1965) are a compatible couple.

Matti is a Wu yang earth born in the spring. This is a weak day master. It needs earth for support, metal to control wood so that it cannot control the weak earth and fire for energy. Matti’s spouse element is the element the day master controls, water is being controlled by earth. Water as spouse element in the month spring, in which spring = wood, is weak. Wood is the child of water in the productive cycle and so it drains the mother (water). Having a weak spouse element, makes Matti become a marriage type.

Sarahai happens also to be a Wu yang earth, also born in the spring. Also a weak day master and needs earth, metal and fire. Sarahai’s spouse element is the element which controls the earth. Wood controls earth. Wood as spouse element in spring is strong, as spring is wood. Having a strong spouse element makes Sarahai a marriage type, as the spouse element wood is able to control the day master earth easily.

Matti and Sarahai support each other with earth and they are both a marriage type, meaning they will marry and the marriage to last has a high chance. This is an amazing couple, very good compatibility even on long term.



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