Bazi couple Patrio & Leannua

Bazi couple Patrio & Leannua

Patrio (24 September 1986, male) & Leannua (5 June 1989, female) are a compatible couple.

Patrio is a Xin yin metal born in autumn, this is a very strong day master as metal in autumn is born in season (autumn = metal). Fire is useful to create a good tool in life. Water is good and wood is good too, but better in combination with water. Patrio’s spouse element is the element the day master controls. Metal controls wood. Wood as the spouse element in the month autumn is weak, autumn = metal, as metal controls wood. Having a weak spouse element the day master can easily be in control, this makes Patrio being someone who is a marriage type.

Leannua is a Bing yang fire born in the summer, this is a strong day master. Element fire is not favorable for her as the day master is fire, it becomes too hot. It needs water to cool down. Metal is good in helping career-wealth and element earth is helping professionally as well but needs to come with water. Leannua’s spouse element is the element that controls the day master. Water controls fire. Water as the spouse element in the month summer is weak, summer = fire. Fire is making the fire day master dangerous, like a wild burning fire, the water is not strong enough to control this water, this makes Leannua being someone who is not a marriage type.

Since Patrio is helping her within career-wealth and she is useful for him to create a good tool in life, they are both mutually supportive and compatible. Although one person is of a marriage type, still they can marry and have a long lasting relationship as their main element support one another. More examples of couples show it is possible despite not being a marriage type.

Roboid (m, 26 February 1988)
Roboid, the former boyfriend of Leannua, happens to be a Xin yin metal born in spring. This is a weak day master that needs fire to bring glamour. Fire is the most important element for Roboid. Earth is protecting as it controls water and needs fire. Leannua as fire will bring glamour for Roboid and he helps her in career-wealth. We can say that Leannua and Roboid were a compatible couple elemental wise. Since both Patrio and Roboid are compatible for her. She can ultimately choose. The breakup must have been difficult for Roboid. Eventually Roboid found another fire day master partner and they form a compatible couple as well, see Roboid & Susua.




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