Bazi couple Roboid & Susua

Bazi couple Roboid & Susua

Roboid (26 February 1988, male) and Susua (30 June 1990, female) forms a compatible couple.

Roboid is a Xin yin metal born in spring. A weak day master that needs fire to bring glamour. Fire is the most important element for Roboid. Earth is protecting as it controls water and needs fire. The spouse element for Roboid is the element the day master controls. Metal controls wood. Wood in the month spring which is wood, is super strong. The metal is not able to control it, so making Roboid not a marriage type.

Susua is a Bing yang fire born in the summer. Water is the most important to cool down. Metal is helping with career-wealth and earth helps also professionally and must come with water. The spouse element for Susua is the element that controls the day master. Water controls fire. Water as spouse element in the summer, which is of element fire, is weak. So water cannot control the day master, this makes Susua not a marriage type.

Roboid is helping Susua with career-wealth and she is the fire that brings glamour to Roboid. A supportive, mutual couple. Although both of them are not a marriage type, their elements are so compatible that it will certainly help in long lasting relationship.



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