Bazi couples Mosief & Aime

Bazi couples Mosief & Aime

Mosief (16 April 1971, male) & Aime (1 April 1981, female) are a good couple.

Mosief is a Xin yin metal born in the spring, a weak day master. It needs fire to give glamour to metal, fire is the most important element. Earth which needs fire is protective as it controls water so that water cannot drain the weak metal so much. Metal is also good when it comes with fire. The spouse element is the element that the day master controls, which is wood. Wood in the spring is strong, spring is of element wood, so the day master is not able to control the wood. This makes Mosief not a marriage type.

Aime is a Ji yin earth born in the spring, which is a weak day master that needs support and love. Fire is needed for energy and earth for support. Metal is also good for Aime as metal controls wood, this prevents wood which is strong in the spring in controlling earth. The spouse element is the element that controls the day master for women, this is wood. Wood controls earth. Wood in the spring is strong, wood easily can control the earth. This makes Aime a marriage type.

Mosief as metal is good for Aime. Aime has yin fire as one of the hidden elements, meaning that the earth day master contains fire. Earth coming with fire is protective for Mosief. They are both mutually supportive and compatible. Although not both of them are marriage type, their elements match so well that it will help in the marriage. In reality they are married for some years now.

Bernilu (6 January 1979, female)
Former girlfriend Bernilu is a Gui Yin water born in the winter. Wood is good to help drain and dry the water, as wood is the child of water. Fire is needed as it helps the wood to drain the water, as wood needs fire in order to burn. Earth is good for putting limits to the water. Metal is not good as it creates more water. The spouse element is the element that controls the day master water. Earth controls water. Earth in the winter is weak, as winter is water and water is the child of earth (draining earth’s energy). Since the spouse element is not strong enough to control water, it makes Bernilu not a marriage type.

Mosief with metal day master is therefore not good for Bernilu while Bernilu with water day master drains the weak metal very much which is also not good for Mosief.



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