Bazi couples Wilshew & Cathea

Bazi couples Wilshew & Cathea

Wilshew (21 June 1982, male) and Cathea (9 January 1982, female) are a compatible couple.

Wilshew is a Ji yin wood born in the summer. The day master is very weak and needs support from water. Water is the best element for Wilshew. Fire is not good as it will dry out the wood even more. Wood is good only when it comes with water, otherwise too much wood in the summer creates fire. Earth and Metal are good in small amounts only. The spouse element is the element that the day master controls. Wood controls earth. Earth as spouse element in the summer is strong, the wood is not able to control it. This makes Wilshew not a marriage type.

Cathea is a Ren yang water born in the winter. She is energetic as winter itself is of the element water, therefore she needs fire to help the wood exhaust the water, as wood is the child of water. So wood is good for drying water. Earth is also good for putting limits to the water as earth controls water. Metal is not good as it creates more water and water element itself is no beneficial as there is enough water. The spouse element for Cathea is the element that controls the day master water, this is earth. Earth as spouse element in the winter is weak as water drains earth (earth creates water). So the spouse element cannot control the water easily, making Cathea not a marriage type.

Wilshew is good for putting limits to the amount of water for Cathea. She is the best element for Wilshew. They are mutually helping each other. Although both of them are not a marriage type, they were married and until now still married, since their elements are so compatible this certainly helps in the marriage.



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