Everything is connected

Everything is connected

“There is interdependence with everything that we see, everything that we can think of, everything that we can imagine, everything that is apparent in this life. Everything is interconnected in some way. Although we are living ordinary lives, nevertheless we are all in one way or another connected with every sentient being in the world. And so therefore, my action, my thought, my speech – all of them count. And so therefore, something as ordinary as me breathing in, breathing out, has an impact on the rest. And so therefore, then we can come to understand that our existence, our individual existence is not a fluke, it is not a coincidence, it is not an accident, but something extraordinary. Just like everyone. And therefore, we can take a beneficial pride in ourselves, that yes, I am a human being. And if need be, then also to feel that I am a Buddhist. I am a practitioner. And that my actions matter. And therefore if we have any delusions, if we have any confusion, habits of thinking that I am unimportant, I am no one, that my actions won’t mean anything, these kind of thoughts and habits will eventually diminish. And as those diminish then we get closer and closer to what we call the state of enlightenment.”

Karmapa Thaye Dorje



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