[wds id="29"] I went for three weeks to Tokyo during the rainy season. Despite of the rainy season, there were not many rainy days. The rainy season ended even earlier than usual. Within these three weeks also went for side trips to Kamakura and Hakone. A great massage place for…


[wds id="25"] Ten days have been spent in Spain, in Velez-Malaga in which two visits were to Benalmadena. It is  around an hour by car from Karma Guen. Benalmadena has a huge stupa, a stupa is a construction structure containing relics that is used as a place for meditation. We…

White frost

Trees and fields covered in white frost is a beautiful sight. The water vapor condenses into ice due to the low temperatures. It is worthwhile taking some pictures. :-)  Even though there was no snow, it is almost similar as having a snowy scenery. [wds id="11"]
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