Thai Thank you

Thai Thank you

In this blog article I will illustrate three forms of saying thank you in the Thai language.
I got the information from the website Survival Phrases.









In Thai politeness and the gender influences how you say things.

Thank you (formal)
We say khorb khun na ka.
The KA is for more politeness, spoken by a woman. Khorb khun ka without the NA is also fine.
The NA is for having a smoother sentence.
The KRUP is for more politeness, spoken by a man. So we have khorb khun na krup.
Transgenders use the KA.

Thank you very much
We say khorb khun mark na ka, spoken by a woman.
The MARK is the “very” in thank you very much.
Spoken by a man it is khorb khun mark na krup.

Thank you (informal)
We say khorb chai cha, spoken by all the genders.
Khorb chai indicates you are very close to that person, like a friend, parent or sibling.
The CHA is added for more politeness.



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