I went for three weeks to Tokyo during the rainy season. Despite of the rainy season, there were not many rainy days. The rainy season ended even earlier than usual. Within these three weeks also went for side trips to Kamakura and Hakone.

A great massage place for an 1-hour full body massage is Ashikarada, in Omotesando, Tokyo. It costs 3120 yen, which is including tax. A very good acupuncture place is Toyo acupuncture and moxibustion hospital in Shin-Okubo, Tokyo. The doctor treated me with kindness and understanding. I enjoyed onsen and sauna for a budget price in Kanda Aqua house Edoyu in Shin-ochanomizu, Tokyo. For only 890 yen you can have a three hour sauna including towel rental and onsen baths. As usual in Japan, separation of women and men.

What I think was impressive:

  1. Buttons on toilets, for washing the bottoms and playing sound to hide the sound of peeing, also some toilets have a warm seat
  2. Waiting lines before entering a train
  3. Vending machines almost every single street, with drinks that are more healthy (less sugar, fruit pieces)
  4. Amazing sushi, so delicious and rich in taste
  5. Super clean environment
  6. Public toilets, also clean!
  7. Almost no trashcans outside, trash carry away in own bag and dump it at home
  8. Quite lots of Kanji usage (Chinese characters)
  9. The overly crowded metros and trains even outside rush hours
  10. Buying a puppy costs like a new car, only for rich people!
  11. Dogs are treated like a child, in buggies, they are being taken good care of
  12. Experienced three times small amounts of shaking (small earthquake)
  13. Very polite people
  14. They smile even when they ask you to not do something, like they smile to you while saying you cannot drink in here. That is confusing to me.
  15. Even Tokyo is a big city, lots of green from the view of an airport down
  16. Ladies using umbrella to cover from the sunlight
  17. Women and men separated in sauna and onsen baths
  18. Women-only carriage in metros during rush hours
  19. Serving cold tea if you order tea by default, unless you ask them to serve hot tea
  20. Cold noodles (soba) is interesting as I’m used to cooked noodles
  21. No intimacy of Japanese couples on the street, no kissing and hugging




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