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9 Ways to Earn from Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrencies

This article lists 9 ways you can earn from Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrencies.
They are listed in the ascending order of its risk factor.

By the way, I use the words crypto token and crypto coin interchangeably throughout the article.

Reading time: 13 minutes (130 wpm).

1. Airdrop to get free coins

Coinbase Earn program

Risk: 1 / 5

Some cryptocurrencies decide to give away their coins. 
Usually are the new coins that want attention by doing so.

You usually need to do some tasks to get the coins. 

Like, sign up for their newsletter, share a posting in social media, install software, invite a friend, etc.

For a list of free airdrops, see the website Airdrops.io

Another airdrop possibility is the Coinbase Earn Program.

You get free coins by watching videos to get to know certain coins and answer questions to earn the crypto coins.

Once you sell the coins into fiat, you have earned money.

Since you don’t put any money in, just maybe your time and energy, it is very low risk.
Once you convert the coins into fiat, you basically earn the money without any investment.

2. Faucet websites

Cointiply faucet site

Risk: 1 / 5

Faucet websites let you earn money by doing microtasks.

For instance: show advertisements, rolling a spinning wheel, completing questionnaires, playing games, etc. 

The earnings are very low for the amount of effort and time you put in.
The best way to earn a bit more is to have referrals.

There are many faucet websites, for an overview see: 

One of them is Cointiply.com.

Once you reach 100.000 Cointiply coins, which equals 10 USD, you can request for a payout.

The payout I did was in Bitcoins in your own wallet that you specify at the withdrawal request.
The process went smoothly.

Again, it takes a long time to get to the payout.
So I deposited 5 USD in Cointiply account, while I already had 5 USD earned in Cointiply.

This way I could withdraw anytime since I passed the minimum amount of 10 USD.

3. Buying and holding

Metamask wallet

Risk: 2 / 5

The first and the easiest way is to buy some Bitcoins or any other crypto tokens and hold it.
Meaning you store it in your wallet and you just wait for the market to rise.

Crypto wallet

A wallet can be a digital wallet on a website, a hardware wallet physical device, a software wallet on the mobile phone/tablet or desktop computer.

Here are some examples of wallets.

1. Digital wallet on a website: Metamask or Coinbase (this one includes trading).

2. Software mobile phone app wallet: Coinomi.

3. Software desktop wallet: NEON wallet for NEO token. 

4. Hardware wallet: Ledger.


As crypto is so volatile, it can go up in a short period of time.
As well as going down too.

With Bitcoin, the value has risen up to 8000 US dollars as of writing.
At a certain point in time, it even went above 10.000 US dollars. 

To earn from it means you have bought it for maybe 25 USD and is now worth 40 times more over the years of course.

There is no guarantee whatsoever, especially with new coins, we don’t know what will happen.

It might as well drop in value and that means you lose your money.

4. Staking

Website Stakecube.net screenshot

Risk: 2 / 5

There are websites that allow you to stake crypto tokens and earn some of those cryptos.
It means you set the coins aside, not withdraw it and let it sits there, just like a bank savings account.


The site lets users stake Bitcoins (BTC) and StakeCubeCoin (SCC).
SCC is their own coin. 

The interest is 7.572% per anum and daily 0.02% daily.
The good thing is, you can take out the token any time you want.

I use StakeCube for staking SCC and BTC.

Other staking providers include Binance and KuCoin.
There are many more. 

See for an overview:

5. Get paid in crypto coins

Blocklancer website

Risk: 2 / 5

There are freelance jobs that pay you in Bitcoins or in any other cryptocurrencies.

For a list of these sites, see https://www.webemployed.com/freelance-websites-pay-bitcoin/.

If you get paid in fiat (EUR, USD, etc.), you don’t win and you don’t lose.
Since the rates of fiat will not change too much. 

With crypto tokens, you get paid 100 USD in crypto, in a few hours it has risen 5%.
So your money became 105 USD worth.

It could easily go the other way, you lose 5 EUR when it drops with 5%.

To prevent this, you could choose to immediately convert the coins into fiat to keep its value.

6. Lending crypto

BlockFi lending website

Risk: 3 / 5

There are websites where you can lend your crypto in the form of loans.

You basically lend out your crypto for borrowers for a specific time and earn interest.

It’s riskier since loans can get paid late or not paid at all.
This depends on the platform if they have guaranteed money back policy or not. 

For an overview of the lending sites, see https://themoneymongers.com/crypto-loans/.

7. Crypto mining

Special hardware for crypto mining

Risk: 3 / 5

Crypto mining is using the computer’s processor power to solve mathematical equations.
It is done to verify a block, which is a group of transactions.

Since there is no centralized bank governing transactions.
This mechanism of mining is in place to keep track of the transactions.

The higher the processor’s power, the more likely it will solve the equation first.
It is a very competitive business. 

The reward is paid out in crypto.

The purchase of expensive hardware, and running the computer 24×7 uses up a lot of electricity. 

It still does not guarantee you earn it back.
More and more miners stop mining for this reason.

8. Trading

Tradingview.com website

Risk: 3.5 / 5

Like trading Forex, cryptocurrencies can be traded as well.
Since it is so volatile, anything can happen in a few hours, it is thus perfect for trading.

The idea is to buy coins and once the statistics show it’s increased in value to sell it. 

To predict what the market will do is not easy.

For this, traders deploy indicators and strategies, amongst others:

1. Support and resistance levels, to see the price actions.

2. RSI (Relative Strenght Index), to see if the price is low enough to buy or high enough to sell.

3. EMA (Exponential Moving Averages), to see how the different lines move to indicate a price change in a certain direction.

A useful trading tool is TradingView.com.

If you know what you are doing, this can be profitable. 
Some traders make 100 USD a day by buying and selling coins.

9. HYIP websites

Dexau HYIP website

Risk: 5 / 5

HYIP stands for “high-yield investment program”.

These sites provide high profits in return for locking up crypto tokens for a certain period of time. 

They have different investment plans. from a few days up to months, that you can participate in.
An example of such an investment plan is 15% of profits for 2 weeks.

These sites are very risky, even riskier than trading.

Pyramid Ponzi scheme

The reason is most of these sites are scams based on the Pyramid Ponzi scheme.

The sites explain that they use the money for a valid purpose. 
Like for trading or for supporting the development of medicine or whatever reason.

What happens, in reality, is the people who get in first, get paid by the people who enter later.

When you join an investment plan you first deposit your money. 
For instance, an investment plan with a minimum of 10 USD.

If 20 people do that in a timeframe of 2 days, then we have at least 200 USD if not more after two days.

Let’s say it finishes after two days, in the meantime, more people are joining and still paying.

The people who got in first and their investment plan ended, they got paid by the others.
Depending on who did the investment first, it is paid this way.

At a certain point, it inevitably collapses.

If there are no more new investment plans being executed, there will be no money to pay the investors.

This is the part where the HYIP site shuts down, might first go on maintenance mode and then offline.

The scammers run away with the money that is not enough to pay the existing later investors.
But enough for the scammer’s greedy behavior to shut off the site.

Earn money or lose money?

You get your luck if you enter first and/or you know the owners of the websites.
In that case, it is possible to earn some money.

There are people out there who are able to make profits from HYIP platforms.

Lime of HYIP Intelligence website, is able to earn a steady income from those sites.
As of writing, he earns 1.45% daily net profits and 0.81% in profits at the weekend.

Some people follow the HYIP platforms he invests in and will earn the profits as he does.

Another great website is HYIPLogs.com, it shows you an HL-index that indicates the quality of an HYIP platform.

The higher the index the less likely it scam soon unless the site is newly aired and already has a high score.

Some HYIP platforms are so-called “sleepers”.

It means the site owner does not make big promotions in the form of advertisements or introducing lots of investment plans, affiliates system, etc. 

These sites will not scam soon.

Usually, scam appears once everything is set up and rolling, attracting heaps of investors.

As of writing, one sleeper HYIP platform is Dexau.

This was a quick overview of the possibilities to earn from cryptocurrencies.

As cryptocurrencies become more and more booming, it is useful to start earning some.



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