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Basic love & marriage Bazi reading Victoria Beckham & David Beckham

This very famous couple Victoria and David Beckham has been married past the 20 years by now. Are they really happy in their marriage, have they met their truly loving partner? And are they naturally attractive for the opposite gender? We can found all these answers in their respective Bazi charts.

Let’s start with the lady first. Below is the Bazi chart of Victoria Beckham.

Her day element is of Wu Yang Earth. Since she was born in the earth season (month branch Chen Yang earth), she has a strong day element.
Her favorable element would then be: metal, water and wood.

Bazi chart Victoria Beckham (DOB: 17 April 1974)

Her spouse element is wood (the spouse element of earth for a lady is wood).

Spouse element wood appears in the year branch as Jia Yang Wood and underneath Yin Yang Wood. This means she will have enough potential suitors, whom she can choose from that can lead into a marriage. There’s no need for her to worry about not being able to meet potential partners.

Is she naturally attractive for the opposite gender? We can take a look if she has the red chamber star. The red chamber star for Wu Yang Earth is dragon. Since she has the dragon sign in her chart, it means she enjoys a lot of luck with the opposite gender. Having this star, doesn’t tell about the quality of the partner. For this we need to check the spouse element.

Since wood is her favorable element, it means the spouse is someone who brings more pleasure than stress/pain. Not those roller-coaster love- and hate relationships.

As for the quality of marriage, we can see in the spouse palace, she has Zi Rat Yang Water (under the day element). Since this is her favorable element, it means once she is married, her marriage is a happy and fulfilling one. One that supports her in her life pursuits.

Victoria Beckham ten year luck pillars

In the ten year luck pillars, we can see that the wood appears in the pillars of 24-33 and 34-43. These are Chinese lunar ages, which is western age+1. 24-33 basically means western ages 23-32.

Since her day element is Wu Yang Earth, a yin polarity will be a right balance for the yin and yang. So we can focus on the Yi Yin Wood, this appears at the western age of 23-32. In this period, there is a high likelihood she meets her spouse and/or getting married.

And indeed, they were married July 1999. She was back then 25 years old. It was actually in this period of Yi Yin Wood, with her spouse element wood appearing in this period.

Sounds pretty good eh? What about her hubby? If she has a good marriage life, then we assume he must have a good one too, otherwise that wouldn’t fit. A happy marriage consists of two happy people in union. 🙂

Below is the chart of David Beckham.

Bazi chart David Beckham (DOB: 2 May 1975)

The day element of David is Wu Yang Earth. The same element as Victoria, so they have similar personalities.

Since he was also born in the Earth season (Chen Dragon Yang Earth in the month branch), he also has a strong day element. The favorable elements for him are: metal, water, wood.

His spouse element is water (for the day element earth, the spouse element for a man is water). We see two water signs in the hidden stems. We can conclude that he has enough potential suitors whom he can choose from that lead into a marriage.

Like Victoria, he also has the dragon sign in his chart (dragon is the red chamber star of Wu Yang Earth), which means he is naturally attractive for the opposite gender. Naturally attractive includes having sex appeal, attractive, social status, charismatic, or very persuasive with words.

Then about the quality of his marriage. The spouse element water is his favorable element, so his spouse brings more pleasure than stress / pain. Also not having one of those love- and hate relationships.

And once he is married, he enjoys a happy and fulfilling marriage life. One that supports him in his life pursuits. Since he has metal in the spouse palace (Shen monkey yen metal) and metal is his favorable element.

Sounds like a couple who both are happy with their marriages and are good for each other, according to their charts! 🙂 May all beings have this kind of happiness and the source of it as well.



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