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Bazi readings

Based on your gender, birthday, and birth time I will give you a reading based on Bazi.

The reading consists of:

1. Personality (traits, tendencies)
2. Career (work environment, suitable industries)
3. Relationship (affinity for marriage, quality of relationship with spouse, marriage period)
4. Health (possible health issues and activities to overcome them) 

The report will be produced in PDF within approximately 2 days.
It is a few pages (7-9) pages long, depending on the elements in your chart.

The costs are 20 EUR / 24 USD.
Payment options available are bank transfer and PayPal.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me for more information.
Send an email to yanny0808[at]gmail.com.

If you wish to use another platform for the order, you may well use:

(Do note the price is much higher due to commission fees with the involvement of a third party).