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Article: LDR Between couple app [Review]

This article is a review of the Between couple app used in LDR (Long distance relationships).

It shows the main features of the app and some improvements to the app.

If you would like to know what the app does and its usability, please keep reading.

Reading time: 6.5 minutes (130 wpm).

What is Between app?

“Between” is an app used by two people (e.g. a couple).

A person signs up and connects with another person.
From this point on the app can be used.

Between is used for communication with each other, for sharing media, special days and events.

Personally, I use this app for my long-distance relationship of over 9000 km.

App information

Name app: Between
Version: 5.3.2 (used in this article)
Platforms: iPhone, Android, Windows, MacOS

Company: VCNC (Value Creators & Company)
Country of production: Korea

Release date: 20 November 2011
Website: https://between.us

Front screen

On the front screen, a picture can be chosen to set as a background picture.

For couples, it can be a beautiful picture together.

Front screen of Between app
Front screen of Between app

I like that the background is animated.
Something flowing over the picture makes the front screen highly attractive.

This can be configured when setting up the background photo.

Another feature here is the weather forecast and the current time the person is in.

In a long-distance relationship, this is quite useful information.

Shared calendar of Between app
Shared calendar of Between app

The shared calendar makes it possible to add events.

An event can either be for both or one of the person.
The event can then be exported to Google Calendar.

There is a possibility to set a notification for an individual or for both.

Last but not least is the creation of special days.

Here you can think of anniversaries.
Examples would be: First kiss, First meeting, Bought a pet and the birthdays.

Creation of special days in Between app
Creation of special days in Between app

It will count down until the same day next year.
And a notification can be set that pops up when the day has arrived.

One of the special days can also be set to display on the front screen.


There are two ways of communication.

One is using the messenger to write texts, similar to other messengers.
The other is having a voice call.

I’ll elaborate a bit more on the messenger functionality.

Add stickers (animated emoticons) in Between app
Add stickers (animated emoticons) in Between app

Besides writing a text, you can add emoticons and stickers (animated emoticons).

A first glance on the stickers, it was obvious that they were made by Asians. It has a taste of cuteness in each of them.

Recording of a GIF in Between app
Recording of a GIF in Between app

Another feature, which I discovered later, is the recording of a GIF.

It is located on the right side next to the text field to enter a message.

It records up to 5 seconds or less a video.
With or without a nice, cute animated frame around.

It would be more obvious for the user, to have the GIF located in the stickers category.


Within Photos is a tab with “Story” and a tab with “Albums”.

Within "Photos" are two tabs: Story, Albums
Within “Photos” are two tabs: Story, Albums

The name “Photos” here is somewhat confusing.
A more descriptive name would be “Collection” or “Archive”.

Basically, it is a collection of different media files.

A story is a collection of media grouped by on a certain date.
An example is putting a Munich weekend trip pictures, videos, and notes in a story.

Under “Albums” we can find collections of all the videos, photos and notes that were created before.

Note that the photos and videos shared in the messenger are not located here.

To see those media files, just go to the messenger, top right triangular button and choose “View shared media“.

"View shared media" in Between app
“View shared media” in Between app

The photos and videos under albums can be viewed, deleted and marked as favorite.

More about favorite is written below.

The plus button at the bottom right allows one to add a new photo, video or a note.

Do you want to write down long texts? Then a note is an option.

We use notes to keep track of some lists, examples would be “Movies to watch” and “Places to visit”.

After the creation of a note, I discovered that only I can edit it.
It was not very clear for us about the “Edit alone” at the right bottom corner.

Creation of a new note in Between app
Creation of a new note in Between app

I did not even notice that there was an option to change it.
I was probably too enthusiastic to save the note and move on.

The option is “Edit alone” by default, click on it to turn into “Edit together”.

As it is a couple app, I would suggest setting as default “Edit together”.

Also, work on the visibility by using some obvious colors or put this on top of the screen.

Any media marked as favorite will go into the “Favorites“.

In the “Favorites” you can find a button that plays a screensaver like functionality.

It zooms in and out in case of pictures.

Favorites with a screensaver like functionality button at the top-right corner
Favorites with a screensaver like functionality button at the top-right corner


Before using this app, we tried “Couples” app.
The lists functionality crashed on the iPhone, so we switched to Between app.

Besides some of the not so straightforward, not so user-friendly points, overall it is a nice app.

I personally like and use a lot of the messenger, stickers and notes.
The front screen is also very nice to look at.

So I would definitely recommend to try it out.



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