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Experiment: Can we earn Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies from HYIP platforms?

In this article, you will read about my experiment on earning money from HYIP websites.
The goal is to see whether it is possible to earn money from them.

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HYIP stands for High Yielding Investment Platform. 

This is a high-risk form of investment, but it can also be fun since there is a level of uncertainty involved.

You can see this as gambling with some more “control”.


With no knowledge, no experience whatsoever, I jumped into this experiment.

During the process, I developed some strategies.
You will read about my strategies and their results.

These come in parts as I was trying them out and checking the results.
I wanted to see if I can beat their system and earn money from it.

I have invested a total of 28 HYIP platforms for three months.

No strategies and no research

Bitcoin Spire website

Bitcoin Spire

I saw an advertisement for “Bitcoin Spire” on the Cointiply faucet website.
It was of course too good to be true. 

You could earn a 50% profit for a few days on your deposited Bitcoins.

For this experiment, I used only the minimum amount of $0.83 (USD) needed for investment.
If I lose, I wouldn’t mind losing 83 cents.

In the later rounds, I invested a bit more.

Double Bitcoin win

For this HYIP I also did not do any research.


Before you read about the results, first some clarifications:

ROI of 100% means the initial deposit back with no profits earned.
ROI of 110% means the initial deposit back with 10% of profits earned.

ROI of 20% means 20% of the initial deposit is back with an 80% loss.
ROI of 0% means the full initial deposit was lost.

1. Bitcoin Spire

ROI: 58%

In total, I invested four times, with three times paid out including profits.
The last time was scammed.

I was using Localbitcoins.

Later I got to know it is a wallet mainly used for trading.
It has high fees for receiving and sending bitcoins.

Because of the fees, I did not make profits in the first two rounds.
The profits were used to pay for the transaction fees.

This was a learning point.

I changed to use Coinbase which has no fees in receiving coins.
Also sending coins is within reasonable fees.

The learning point was to use Coinbase or some other wallets with no or low fees for transactions.

2. Double Bitcoin win

ROI: 0%

This was a hard scam.

3. Max trading ICU

ROI: 0%

This was also a hard scam.

My strategies part 1

Ceribo website

I was “lucky” to meet with Bitcoin Spire, who did pay me out in the first rounds.
So I still did not give up trying to find a way to make money from HYIP websites.

I decided to do some research and found six websites to check out the status “Paying”.

Scamscavenger.tech, Bitmoneytalk.com, Investors-protect.com.
HYIP.com, Allstats.io, HYIP-zanoza.me. 

Each HYIP platform is checked with these sites.

If three of them say “Paying” and three have not been reviewed or is “Waiting”, it is accepted as a Go.


4. Streambit

ROI: 0% 

Invested twice, the second time is with the initial deposit and the profits made from the first time.

5. Ceribo

ROI: 151%

Invested once, withdrew the initial deposit with the profits and stopped.

I read somewhere before my investment is about to end that Ceribo might be ending soon.
This had sown the seeds to stop reinvesting.

Eventually, a week or so after I had withdrawn successfully, they scammed.

6. Kennedy fund

ROI: 0%

7. Soloo biz

ROI: 0%

8. Safecryptos biz

ROI: 0%

9. Bitfuture biz

ROI: 0%

10. Elveis

ROI: 0%

11. Nanotezer

ROI: 140% 

My intuition told me to stop after the first round.
Soon after it scammed.

12. Bitcoin Square

ROI: 155%

I am sure the creators of Bitcoin Spire were behind this one.

The same “jobs” section, the same layout for active, pending, finished investments.
The emails you receive from them are of the same layout and colors, just the change of name.

I knew from the past, they won’t last longer than three weeks.

So I deposited for just one round of a few days, got my coins out and stopped.

13. EOS Trade

ROI: 0%

14. BS Finance

ROI: 81%

I invested two times. 
The second time using bitcoins from the first round.

The good thing about this one was that it allowed you to withdraw with a minimum of $0.21.
So, every day you could withdraw your accrual profits.

The profits are not locked until the end of the investment period. 
So this method I applied and got eventually 90% back.

15. Invest trend

ROI: 58%

The same method I used for BS Finance, I used for Invest trend.
I was able to retrieve some of the coins back.

Having 58% ROI is much better than 0%.

16. Yesss

ROI: 0%

A hard scam.

My strategies part 2

Screenshot Topmaklers

By looking just at some sites for the status “Paying” seems not to be enough.


I stumbled upon a website called HYIP-Intelligence.
Lime who runs the site is making profits from HYIP platforms.

I decided to follow him with his investments.

When you sign up using his link as a referee for an HYIP platform, you will eventually get some money. 
Whether an HYIP website becomes a scam or not, you will get rewarded, with 5 USD.

It is an insurance investment, also known as RCB (Request Commission Back).

However, the payments you will get are not immediate.
It can take months before you get the payment.

The chat on his site is also useful to catch the latest updates about HYIP scams and successes.

Monitoring sites

Besides following HYIP-Intelligence, I still made some investments using Part 1 strategies.
Although now a little bit different.

Instead of checking 6 sites manually, I used two sites only:

All monitors 24 com
HYIP monitors 24 net

These sites show a bunch of monitors on one page.
Very useful!


17. Topmaklers

ROI: 27%

I invested three times, and the last two times got scammed.
This one was recommended by HYIP-Intelligence.

18. Northpine

ROI: 46.9%

This one had a very good instant withdrawal system.

You submit a withdrawal request and immediately the batch number appears.
And you have received the coins (notification from the wallet that the coins are coming).

It was a pity it ended so soon.

I heard that the season was not a good season to invest in HYIP (end of the year).
And the value of Bitcoins had dropped a lot.

This one was recommended by HYIP-Intelligence.
I received 5 USD as a compensation bonus as a referral from Lime (HYIP-Intelligence). 

19. Cryptengram

ROI: 10%

This one was recommended by HYIP-Intelligence.
I received a 5 USD compensation bonus as a referral from Lime (HYIP-Intelligence). 

20. Stratus BTC

ROI: 100%

I invested twice, the second time with the profits I made in the first round.
So if it got scammed, I will not have lost my initial deposit.

And it happened.

This one had the same layouts as Bitcoin Spire and Bitcoin Square.
If I was not too greedy, I would have earned 26 dollars.

The thing was, the site was still up and running, but they did selective payments.
So my withdrawal was still pending up until now.

21. Hours Pay Day

ROI: 107%

My intuition told me to not re-invest.
And soon after I withdrew, it was scammed.

22. Crypto-Trust

ROI: 112.4%

Invested once and my intuition told me to stop.
I was just in time, just within a day after I had withdrawn, the website turned into a scam.

23. Zonders

ROI: 0%

24. Dexau

ROI: 116%

This one was recommended by HYIP-Intelligence.
As of writing, it is still paying.

I’m very pleased with them. 
They pay quite quickly, often within a day.

25. Attonbank

ROI: 115%

This one was recommended by HYIP-Intelligence.
As of writing, it is still paying.

My strategies part 3

HYIP Logs website

After seeing the winning is less than the losing, it’s time for a new strategy.



HYIP Logs shows an HL-index for each HYIP website.
This index has a value of 0 to 10 points.

0 – 2.5 points: hard scam, do not invest.
2.5 – 5 points: some pay, some don’t.

5 – 7.5 points: can invest in them.
7.5 – 10 points: worth investing in them.

This index is not fixed, it is as impermanent as the HYIP platforms’ coming and going.

Using the HL-index system, let’s check out a few of my latest investments:

Zonders: 3.02
Dexau: 4.47
Attonbank: 6.83

If I had known this earlier, I would not have invested in Zonders and Dexau.

So with this new strategy, I will invest the minimum in websites with 6.5 points and higher.

And with the following criteria:

  • Alexa rank (AR) higher than 10.000, the higher the better.
  • Not “scam” in Scamscavenger.tech.
  • Has RCB (some sites provide money as a reward for using their link for registration).

HLARScamsc. scamRCBInfo
*Longinvest biz7.64173560NoYes$25, [196% for 84 days], min withdr $10, $0.40/day profit
*Gissis7.51107536NoYes$15, [107% for 5 working days], min withdr $0.1, $0.21/day profit
*Challenge mining7.17650739NoYes$10, [1% daily for 30 days], min withdr $5, $0.10/day profit

6.95400618NoYes$8, [2.2% daily for 25 days], min withdr $3, $0.17/day profit 
Usd capital6.91677376NoYes$25, [2.1% daily 75 days], min withdr $?, $0.52/day profit
Robix6.81741278NoYes$10, [3% daily 1 week], min withdr $3, $0.30/day profit

* These websites had according to Scamscavenger a positive balance delta.
I noticed a trend that with a negative or near zero balance delta, the site goes to scam quickly.

Best RCB value

Another thing I like about the HYIP Logs site is the possibility to find the best RCB possible.
This could be any site that offers RCB to be the best, this depends on the amount you invest.

These RCB providers pay out the RCB quite quickly.
At one website, I could get an RCB between 12-48 hours.

However, the RCB values they provide are not high compared to HYIP-Intelligence.
HYIP-Intelligence gives 5 USD RCB value per person.

However, the choice is between waiting for months (HYIP-Intelligence) or waiting for some days to get paid.
I would rather get paid quickly than waiting for months.


26. Longinvest

ROI: 82.2%

The ROI includes the RCB value of $3.02 RCB from All-HYIPS info.
Without RCB value the ROI would be 70.12%.

Despite the implementation of the third strategy, this was still a loss.

27. Gissis

ROI: 103%

My RCB request of $2.25 was declined by HYIP Pool. 

RCB values with less than 5 USD in crypto coins, will not be paid due to high transaction fees.
Other accounts can be used, like Payeer or Perfectmoney.

I decided to let this RCB go, as I did not want to open another account.

28. Challenge mining

ROI: 31.2%

Unfortunately, on 27 December the Challenge mining became a scam.
The ROI percentage is from hyipregular org, with an RCB value of $3.12.


I do think some people can earn from HYIP platforms.
But it requires updating ourselves with a lot of knowledge.

The best is of course to know the admins of those sites.
Then you would know when they might shut the site down.

Checking monitors for their status updates, following forums or any other communication lines.
These are ways to limit the risk of losing money and increasing the chance of making money.

Even though doing all that, it still exposes a higher risk of losing than earning.

So in the end, in general, I don’t think most people can make money from it.

Unless you are like Lime from HYIP-Intelligence who had years of experience in this field.
You might make some if you follow the investments he did though.

This experiment had been a great learning experience for me and is a success.
One thing is for sure, you can limit your losses.

By using RCB when signing up to get some dollars back, and to keep connected with other HYIP platform users.

Once they know about an HYIP is moving into the direction of a scam, you get to know this.
Or a platform that pays very well for some time and used by many, you can try your luck. 

There are plenty of other less risky ways to earn from cryptocurrencies. 

See also the article:



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