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Article: Introduction to cheap and delicious sushi restaurant “Katsumidori” in Tokyo Shibuya [Review]

This article gives you a quick introduction and review of “Katsumidori” in Tokyo, Shibuya.
This is a very affordable, super delicious and recommendable sushi restaurant. 

I had already eaten here three times and every time I felt excited and happy.


The restaurant I went to was in Shibuya.

The address was: “Katsumidori Seibu Shibuya, 21 Udagawacho, Shibuya City, Tokyo”.

It is in the Seibu Shibuya building, on the 8th floor.

They have branches in other locations.
This is their own website with the various locations: https://katumidori.co.jp/shop/.

The logo and name of the sushi restaurant “Katsumidori”

No reservation

No reservation is needed beforehand. 

Just come early so you do not need to wait while being hungry.

We went there three times in the evening.

Waiting to get into the restaurant

It was so busy that people lined up in the hallway outside the restaurant.
This is usual for this place.

There were chairs for people to sit queuing. 
I guess approximately 20-25 people can sit (I did not count the number of chairs).

Expect to wait between 20 and 40 minutes.

I heard that arriving at 11 am in the morning, there is no queue at all.

This restaurant opens at 11 am.

Seated waiting in line in the hallway outside the restaurant

One of the staff members regularly came and asked how many people you are with.
And he or she wrote this number down.

Inside the restaurant was a limited amount of tables.

The times I went with my partner, we ordered a table. 
This required a bit of waiting.

As the majority of the seats were at the conveyor sushi belt.
These seats got free more frequently.

Coming in groups of 3 or more

Also coming in groups like three or more people can have long waiting times. 

Even though you are in front of the waiting line, you need to wait longer.
The customers behind you in the queue will go first with the next vacant seat(s).

The ordering process

The ordering of food could be done in two ways depending on where you are seated.

Sushi conveyor belt with plates of food passing by

Ordering via sushi conveyor belts

The first way was via the sushi conveyor belts. 
It had plates of food running on it and you just pick up the plate whatever you like to eat.

These were available independent where you are seated.

Ordering using a tablet or writing on paper

The second way was using a tablet or writing with pen and paper your choices.

A tablet was only available for the tables.

In case of not seated on a table, you write the numbers down you want to order.
This required basic Japanese, so it can be a bit of a hassle.

Tablet ordering food with pictures and prices

Personally, I prefer a table.

Not only it was cozy to have some private space.
It is definitely a good choice for dating.

It was also super convenient to order food.

You can choose the English language.
The pictures and prices were displayed in a clear fashion.

You can do the continuous ordering, also after clicking the “Order” button.

Express sushi trains

The express sushi trains delivered the plates of the ordered food.

On top of the conveyor belt are the sushi trains delivering the food

Once the train had arrived, the red light started to blink warning you.

You get a plate with food and then push the red button to send the train back to the kitchen.

This is a super fun and efficient system.
No need for waiters coming around bringing every dish.

Once I forgot to send the train back, one of the waitresses came and pushed the button.

Some food, like drinks or expensive dishes, do not get dropped off by the sushi train.
These will be brought by the staff members.

Reasonable prices and good experiences

Salmon roe fish eggs, one of the pricier options

Comparing to other sushi restaurants, they had low prices.

Not only that, the quality was super good and the taste was delicious.

For two people we ate almost 5000 yen, so around 2500 yen per person including drinks.

We drank cocktails and sake during our last visit and had a total of 19 dishes.
I was quite full after dinner.

If I had eaten less I think 2000 yen (16.13 EUR, 18.49 USD, 14.51 pounds) or less per person is possible.

The menu also had various desserts, like ice creams and other sweet food.

Every dish, also the drinks come by on a plate.
The reason for this you can read further on the payment part.

The payment process

A scanning device for the dishes to automatically calculate the total price

Even the payment process was wonderful to experience.

I was especially impressed by the efficiency and technology of the systems they used here.

Even though Japan is modern, not all places have amazing technology implemented.

On the tablet, you indicate you want to pay.
In the case of sitting at the belt, calling a staff member will do.

Scanning the plates

Then a staff member used the scanning device to scan the plates.

Each plate had a magnetic strip used for scanning

Not one by one like scanning a barcode on a product. 
That would be too slow.

Just wiping the side of the plates that are stacked on top of each other in 2-3 seconds.

Receipt to pay at the counter

It would be helpful for them and to have more space on the table to stack the empty plates.

The price was displayed on the device and then a receipt was printed out.
On the tablet, you could also see the receipt.

With that receipt, we went to the counter at the beginning of the restaurant to pay.


Let’s sum up the positive and negative points.

The positive points

1. Waiting while seated.

2. Free Seibu Shibuya WiFi access which had a good signal in the hallway.

3. Fun train system delivering the food.

4. Good quality delicious food at a reasonably cheap price.

5. Amazing payment procedure.

6. It can have some “private” space sitting at a table.

7. Easy order food with a tablet.

The negative points

1. Not easy for non-Japanese speaking people ordering with pen and paper.

2. Waiting 20 to 40 minutes, even longer for a group.

3. Seibu Shibuya WiFi did not have a good signal in the restaurant.

One thing is for sure.

If you want to have a real Japanese sushi experience, you need to go here.

It’s relatively cheap, (in my opinion) luxurious due to modern technologies and fun.



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