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Learning Thai with writing song lyrics

Learning a new language is inspiring and refreshing to one’s mind.  It’s almost like visiting a new country.
Through language one gets to know the habits, culture, ideas, and values of those people.
We can watch movies, TV series, listening to music in that language.
As a very beginner, I find that too high of an expectation and would give up soon.
It works best for me to have some kind of active interaction with the new language.
So just remembering “boring” vocabulary would also not work for me.

That’s why I decided to write lyrics and sing it to remember easier the words and phrases.
1. It makes it more fun to learn words and phrases.
2: Active engagement by thinking about what will be the lyrics helps remembering.
3: I can having the audio files listen to it everywhere where I want.

In the overview below is a list of the articles that contain the lyrics and the songs.
Feel free to listen to the audio files and read the accompanying lyrics.
May it help you learn the phrases or inspire you to create your own song lyrics 🙂

1. Thank you / Auld lang syne
2. You’re welcome / Skylarking
3. I want this or that item / Jolene
4. Hello & Goodbye / Old MacDonald had a farm
5. Ask for restroom / Fashion
6. Ask to speak a language / Weekend
7. I don’t understand / If you seek Amy
8. Request to speak again / London bridge is falling down



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