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Lesson: Thai – Ask for restroom

In this lesson, it is about how to ask where the restroom is.
For an overview of the lessons, see https://yanling.nl/learning-thai-writing-song-lyrics/.

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Please note: the hyphens used in the words are an indication of a longer tone.

​Where is, the toi-let
You might, want to ask
Hong nam, you nai Ka
Hong nam, you nai krab

"Hong" is, "room" in Thai
And wa-ter is, just "nam", in Thai, yes
"Yu" means, at in Thai
And "nai" means "where", simply, just like, that.

Words / phrases

Phonetically written words and phrases.

Hong nam you nai kaWhere is the toilet? (women say this)
Hong nam you nai krabWhere is the toilet? (men say this)



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