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Lesson: Thai – Hello goodbye

In this lesson, it is about how to say hello and how to say goodbye.
The good news is the same way to say hello also is used to say goodbye.
For an overview of the lessons, see https://yanling.nl/learning-thai-writing-song-lyrics/.

Music: Old MacDonald had a farm


Please note: the hyphens used in the words are an indication of a longer tone.

​How you say hel​-​, lo in Thai
That is, sawas, di
Then you can, add Ka or krab
Like sa, Wasdi, ka

Sawasdi, krab for men, 
sawasdi, ka for women
Now you learnt to, say hel-lo
Congra-, tula-, tions

Thai is not so, difficult
Goodbye, is the, same
Bai kon na, Ka sawasdi
Going, now good-, bye!

Words / phrases

Phonetically written words and phrases.

Saswasdi kaHello / goodbye (women say this)
Saswasdi krabHello / goodbye (men say this)



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