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Lesson: Thai – I do not understand

In this lesson, it is about how to that you do not understand.
You will both the formal form and the informal form.
For an overview of the lessons, see https://yanling.nl/learning-thai-writing-song-lyrics/.

Music: If you seek Amy – Britney Spears


Please note: the hyphens used in the words are an indication of a longer tone.

How to say, I don't, un-der-stand
Di tsan Mai, cow chai, Ka for her
Phom Mai cow, chai krab, is for him
Di tsan used, for "I", for women

Phom, guess it, guess it, it's "I" used by men.
Tsan Mai, cow chai, with-out Ka or krab that is
I, do not, un-der, -stand in-for-mal form.
This form, can be, used by, both men and, wo-men

Words / phrases

Phonetically written words and phrases.

Di tsan mai cow chai kaI don’t understand (women say)
Phom mai cow chai krabI don’t understand (men say)
Tsan mai cow chai(informal) I don’t understand (women and men say this)



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