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Lesson: Thai – Request to speak again

In this lesson, it is about how to ask someone to say it again.
And also to ask someone to speak slowly.
For an overview of the lessons, see https://yanling.nl/learning-thai-writing-song-lyrics/.

Music: London bridge is falling down


Please note: the hyphens used in the words are an indication of a longer tone.

Put eek tee, dai, mai ka or
put eek, tee, dai mai, krab
That means please, speak, again "put"
Is, speak or talk

"Eek tee" just, means, "one more time"
Once more, please, eek tee, ka
Then there is, "dai", it means "can"
"Mai", for question

If that is, too, fast for you
Cha cha, na, Ka or Krab
Speak slow-ly, please, cha cha na
Ka, will you

Words / phrases

Phonetically written words and phrases.

Put eek tee dai mai kaSpeak again please (women say this)
Put eek tee dai mai krabSpeak again please (men say this)
Cha cha na kaSpeak slowly please (women say this)
Cha cha na krabSpeak slowly please (men say this)



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