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Lesson: Thai – You’re welcome

In this lesson, it is about how to say You’re Welcome in Thai.
In the case of someone thank you for something you have done.
For an overview of the lessons, see https://yanling.nl/learning-thai-writing-song-lyrics/.

Music: Skylarking – Horace Andy


Please note: the hyphens used in the words are an indication of a longer tone.

​How to say, you're welcome
Dui kwam yin, di, ka-a
For him is dui, kwam yin di krab
Out of, du-ty, or, with honor
Dui just means "with", kwam yin di means,
pleasure, so, we, have, with pleasure
No problem to, do it for you,
then you, just, say, mai, pen rai ka.

Words / Phrases

Phonetically written words and phrases.

Dui kwam yin di kaYou’re welcome (women say this)
Dui kwam yin di krabYou’re welcome (men say this)
Mai pen rai kaNo problem (women say this)
Mai pen rai krabNo Problem (men say this)



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