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Photo album: Monumentendag Utrecht

Open monument day, historical, sunny clear sky, churches, universities, open days, DOM tower

Photo album: Immenstadt

Immendstadt, Germany, summer, friends, international, nature, mountains, intensive days, camping, building up, teachings, rain and sunny…

Photo album: Altmuhle

Retraite center On the way to Immenstadt, there was a perfect occasion to stay in the…

Photo album: Maastricht

With colleagues for a two day trip to Maastricht, this is really a beautiful historical city…

Photo album: Biollet

Dhago Kundreul Ling, France, Biollet, friends, car day trip

Photo album: Schwarzenberg

Retraite The Schwarzenberg retraite center is a cozy, matured and protected center. It has a beautiful…

Photo album: Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Small fish town, a lot of water, boats