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Photo album: Limbahout

Beautiful street limbahout, looks like a holiday resort place, walking, sunny clear blue sky, lazy sunday,…

Photo album: Port of Rotterdam

Miniworld Rotterdam, tour guide, friend, harbor, walking in the city, cloudy weather, museum Boijmans van Beuningen,…

Photo album: Epen retraite

Epen retraite, friends, Zinkviooltje, Limburg, walking in the nature, deers, pet zoo, chickens

Photo album: Reeuwijk

Reeuwijk, water town, houses surounded by water, nature, relaxed quiet living, walking, friends

Photo album: Monumentendag Utrecht

Open monument day, historical, sunny clear sky, churches, universities, open days, DOM tower

Photo album: Maastricht

With colleagues for a two day trip to Maastricht, this is really a beautiful historical city…

Photo album: Bunschoten-Spakenburg

Small fish town, a lot of water, boats