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Article: Want to know which tropical animals are in Bangkok?

Are you curious about which animals you might encounter in tropical Bangkok?
I will show you briefly the animals that I had personally met during my two-month stay.

This animal was in the room I stayed in. It was a house gecko.
It is fairly common to find geckos in the houses in Thailand.
They eat mosquitoes and small insects for a living.

A small, not yet ful grown gray gecko

I saw two of them. One was entirely gray in color and one had stripes.

Gecko hiding half behind the wall’s space

Monitor lizard
Unexpectedly, while walking near the water next to a row of houses this lizard appeared.
It was a big one, 40 centimeters excluding its tail.
My initial reaction was a shock and then curiosity to take a picture of it.
The lizard was more afraid of you than you for him.
While walking behind it slowly, it walked away as fast as it could (which was not fast).

Monitor lizard of 40 centimeters long

I have heard about many lizards were in Lumbini Park in Bangkok.
I had been there before but did not manage to see one.

While walking upstairs under shimmering light conditions, I managed to see something moving.
It was a cockroach! It was a large one, about 4 centimeters long.

A 4 centimeters long cockroach on the stairs

Squirrels can easily be found in Bangkok.
I had seen several times squirrels walking on cables high above the ground.
At some places, there was a basket with food attached to the tree.
The squirrel got down and grabbed the food and went back to eat it.

Squirrel about to grab food from the basket

And of course spiders and lots of mosquitoes…!
Now that you know which animals you might encounter, be prepared and enjoy Thailand!



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