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Want to learn Dutch?

If you are interested to learn Dutch. I can help you.

My method is interactive learning, we do different exercises in each lesson.
Each lesson has a theme and one lesson takes 1 hour to complete.

The emphasis is on speaking. I will only talk Dutch in the lesson.
If your Dutch is at a very beginner’s level, I can speak English to explain.

If you are interested, you may contact me: yanny0808[at]gmail.com for more information.

You can also book your lessons using one of the following platforms (please note the prices are set higher due to commission fees with the involvement of third parties):

Reviews by students

Alena: “I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Yanling who has helped my 11 years old daughter to gain confidence in speaking language. From the words of my daughter:” After correcting the mistakes as I spoke, and explaining where and why I was wrong, eventually, it has become very natural to produce the sentences with correct structure. This has helped to speak Dutch more confidently without the fear of saying something wrong”.

Tanvir: “Ik heb vijf lessen met Yanling gehad. De lessen waren helemaal interactief en interressant. Yanling maakt het leuk met plaatjes en spelletjes bij de oefeningen. De tijd ging snel voorbij en het is een goede oefening voor mijn spreken. Ik heb nu met mijn buren een beetje Nederlands gesproken.”
Translation: “I have done five lessons with Yanling. The lessons were wholly interactive and interesting. Yanling makes it interesting with pictures and games with the exercises. The time flew by fast and it is a good exercise for my speaking. I have now talked with my neighbors a little bit of Dutch.

Tanya: “Dankzij Yanling begrijp ik Nederlands beter en voel ik me zelfverzekerder in het spreken. Als je je Nederlands wilt verbeteren, kan ik je Yanling ten zeerste aanbevelen.
Translation: “Because of Yanling I understand Dutch better and I feel more confident in speaking. If you want to improve your Dutch, I can highly recommend Yanling.

Livia: “Our family moved to the Netherlands from Hungary a year ago and we needed Yanling’s help in increasing our 12-year old daughter’s Dutch vocabulary and to strengthen her conversational skills. Yanling was already very well spoken of amongst other expat parents. She is very trustworthy, precise and last but not least (this is coming from Nati) a great teacher for our teen-daugther.”