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Article: Why Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and Pleasureland is nice to visit

You might think, how is Hakkeijima Sea Paradise and/or Pleasureland in Yokohama?
In this article, I will show you my experiences and some recommendations here and there.
I definitely would recommend visiting it.
I enjoyed my time there and I could even spend more hours in this place.

Arrive early and having an e-ticket pays off

We decided to arrive just a quarter or so after 10 am.
I was thinking it was early enough.
However, we waited for more than 30 minutes to be able to buy our tickets.
Eventually, we had our tickets, which came in the form of wristbands, at 11 am.
We went on a weekday, a Monday.
The queue for people with pre-ordered e-tickets was much shorter.
At least three or four times shorter.
Best is to come as early as possible, the park opens at 8:30 am, so 9 am should be fine.
And to have e-tickets reduces the amount of waiting time.
You can buy e-tickets on the official Sea Paradise website, these come with discounts.
And there are many websites that sell the tickets, also with discounts.
It’s good to make use of this to save time and money.
In case you just want to enter and not use the attractions, the place has free entrance.

View near the Hakkeijima station

Easy accessible from Hakkeijima station

Since we came from Tokyo, it took us a few transfers to eventually arrive at Hakkeijima station.
At the Hakkeijima station, it was fairly easy to find Sea Paradise.
We did not even need to use Google Maps to go there.
There were signs everywhere and was quite clear how to walk.
Also, most of the people who arrived at this station either went to the beach or to Sea Paradise.


Pleasureland is an amusement park with various attractions.
You can use the bought Pleasureland day pass to have unlimited rides.
Or you can pay per ride.
At each ride is a ticket booth to buy your ticket.
As I wanted to ride as many times as I wished, we bought a day pass.

We went into:

  • Leviathan (surf coaster) 4 times, 1000 yen per ride
  • Blue fall 4 times, 1000 yen per ride
  • Viking 1 time, 500 yen per ride
  • Aquaride II 1 time, 800 yen per ride
  • Octopus 1 time, 500 yen per ride
  • Aqua museum 3000 yen

If we paid per attraction, then we would have spent 12.800 Japanese yen.
With the day pass, which included Pleasureland and Sea Paradise, it cost us only 5050 yen.

The rollercoaster “Leviathan” (surf coaster)

The second reason to come early is that some rides can have a long queue.
Spending most of the time waiting reduces the time there is to play.
Our ride in the Aquaride II took 45 minutes waiting in the line.
This was due to the inefficiency of placing people in the boats.
One boat could fit up to six people.
However, they allowed two people even one person in a boat.
The Japanese culture seemingly is not so open in sharing with others.
Therefore most boats contained 2 to 3 people on average.
Basically, the people who came together were in one boat.

However, the waiting for the rollercoaster, Viking and the drop tower was reasonably ok.
Please note that we went on a weekday. This might be different at the weekends.

The Blue Fall drop tower 107 meters high

There were attractions for children and adults.
The more “thrilling” attractions were Blue fall, Leviathan (surf coaster) and Viking.

As of writing the Blue fall is number 5 in the top 10 of the world’s tallest drop towers.
It was my first time dropping from a height of 107 meters.
And the experience was unique and definitely worth to try.
If we say a floor is 3 meters high, then this equals falling down 35 floors.

Then the rollercoaster was also very fun, especially to sit in the first cart.
This largely depended on luck, as they were assigning us to the next available cart.
The rollercoaster had no loops, speed was 75 km/h and the height was 44 meters high.


The Sea Paradise day pass included:

  • The Aquamuseum
  • Umi Farm
  • Fureai Lagoon
  • Dolphin Fantasy

During the break from the rides after lunch, we went into Aquamuseum.
This was beyond my expectations.
You can see up close the animals and they were quite actively swimming.
The polar bear expressed me the most.
It was very beautiful to see such a big fluffy animal so capable of swimming.
It swam continuously and near the glass where were standing.
I don’t think I have seen this close in any other zoos that I had been before.
There was WiFi access inside one part of the museum.
Then there was also a part where you can touch some sea animals.
And you could have skin nibbling fishes (red Garras) eating off the dead skin on your hands.
Beside the sea animals, there were also red panda and some other zoo animals.

Eventually, we were there for 1.5 hours or so.
If we had more time, we definitely would have stayed longer.
We wanted to have more rollercoaster rides and blue fall rides.
So we did not visit  Umi Farm, Fureai Lagoon and Dolphin Fantasy.
I bet these were good too.

The polar bear was swimming in Aquamuseum

Other facilities

Lots of places offered food possibilities.
The food court was a cheaper option comparing to the small restaurants around.
Think of prices of at least 1000 yen and up in the food court.
Also if you want something small and cheap like a snack, that was also possible.
These prices started at 200-300 yen.

There were plenty of restrooms.

We stayed from 11 am until 6 pm and then we left.
With 7 hours, we were not able to see everything in Sea Paradise while also having many rides.
For this, we need to have at least two more hours.
They also had a hotel in Sea Paradise where people can stay.
This is convenient for those who want to make the most use of all what is out there.

There were also at given times shows with animals, however, we did not go there.

This place is good for everyone, for couples, groups of friends and for families with kids.
I especially love the combination of animals and amusement rides.
Out of the five stars, I give it 4.5 stars.



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